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Vernal Equinox<3 nintendocore.

Gary Mother Fucking Oak-Rebirth

When Rebirth was announced i was excited, Critical Hit was an amazing EP that gave us a dose of 8 bit goodness… Now Rebirth has arrived and does not fail to meet any expectations from the first track to the final track it delivers! give it a listen


The Cat Album

Are You Afraid Of The Dog - The Cat Album

1. Aquatic
2. Creek

3. Seven Years
4. My World
5. Where Is My Mind
6. dippin
7. Chasing
8. Backstabbers
9. Barbarian
10. Philly
11. Max Payne
12. Eternal Downpour
13. Somebody
14. And I Told Them I Invented Nintendo
15. Lift It Up
16. Two Steps
17. Move

Insert Disc- Kupwn

iamerror- The Iceclops Cometh (Instrumental)
Before Trout Yogurt was released, Super IAE Electronics was released. Featuring instrumental versions of all the songs sans the guitar. It has an a lot more dark and icy feel to it. Perfect for those who don’t like Peet’s vocals. 

The Depreciation Guild- In Her Gentle Jaws
Despite what Wikipedia may say, they are not nintendocore at all, but chiptune-shoegaze. While they slowly faded into shoegaze/post-rock,they started out with heavy use of 4-bit sound. Still an amazing band and they have an extremely unique sound. 

Formerly known as GO! With Fourteen O, this track was remixed and improved to become this fine piece of 8-bit, spazzy goodness. 

I Shot the Duck Hunt Dog- BGM 8 
The Sounds of End Game was ISTDHD’s final release, but it is probably ISTDHD’s best album to date. Specifically this track, BGM 8. 

HORSE the Band- Arrive

The Guardian Legend VGM Soundtrack 
Not nintendocore, but an amazing NES game with an awesome soundtrack. 

100deadrabbits!!!- Dead Cell

do you accept electronic chipmusic submissions? as in: enhanced-chiptune / dance music type stuff?

Yes, i will just send me some links and ill spread it around ;)

Do I know you? I listen to a lot of Nintendocore and such and I know a bunch of people in the genre.

hmmmmmmmmmm, X33333